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Discover the collection between Polo & Pan and Immortal Game, inspired by the playful vibes of the two French electronic artists. Get whitelisted now to collect exclusive digital Chess Pieces.

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Play-and-Earn. Free-to-Play. Immortal Game introduces a new layer of strategy to the most played board game in the world. Collect Ageless and Immortal chess pieces, complete their quests, and dominate the leaderboards!
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2021 World Blitz Champion

Alireza Firouzja

#2 World


Model, WGM, Streamer

Vidit Gujrathi

#2 India

Dina Belenkaya

Woman Grandmaster, Streamer, Commentator

Rey Enigma



The Genius

Alessia Santeramo

FIDE Master, Streamer, Commentator

Olexandr Bortnyk

#1 World Bullet

Polo & Pan




Aryan Tari

#2 Norway

Dejan Jovelic

Chess World #1 among professional soccer players

Harika Dronavalli

#2 India

Maurice Ashley

Grandmaster, Author, Commentator

Vincent Keymer

#1 Germany

Boris Gelfand

#1 Israel

Fiona Steil-Antoni

International Master, Streamer, Commentator


#4 India

Lawrence Trent

Journalist, Commentator

Sophie Milliet

6 times French Champion

Daniel Dardha

#1 Belgium

Leinier Dominguez

#5 USA

Same Rules. New Strategies. Great Rewards.

Collect NFT chess pieces

What are Immortals?

Immortals are stylish NFTs that represent specific chess pieces, linked to optional quests favoring particular play styles. Completing your Immortals' quests will increase the amounts of Leaderboard points you earn when you win a game.
Compete for rewards

How do I earn?

You can earn rewards by playing with your Immortal NFTs or with free Ageless pieces. The top players on the Leaderboards will be rewarded weekly with crypto, NFTs, and more. You can also trade Immortal pieces in our Marketplace, with live auctions and instant buy.
Improve your game

Practice like the pros

Take your skill to the next level with Immortal training, participate in tournaments, watch games from top players, and book coaching sessions with them! We will launch the Immortal Academy later this year, allowing our players to earn crypto by providing top-of-the-class training for any skill level.

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