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Dec 12, 2023

Louis's Top 5 Practical Chess Tips

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1. Play at your limits

Never take the easy road! You'll become a better player in the long-run by following through with your instincts and taking the big risks. You might know theory... but all I see is a comfort zone. Break it!

2. Get into your opponents head

I have a reputation of playing crazy chess and psychologically this gives me the edge. I'm rated around 1800 but I have beaten 2600's in blitz. You have nothing to loose,

3. Practice your trash talk

If you can't talk the talk, you won't walk the walk. A well placed comment or insult can completely change the tide; remember to include false compliments and funny jokes. Get the crowd on your side!

4. Lose more

Losing is good for you and will make the victories even sweeter. Cocky in prediction, confident in preparation, but always humble in victory or defeat. Don't be afraid to play the fool.

5. Stop caring

Treating a game too seriously can ruin your flow state and cause you to choke. At the end of the day chess is a game that's meant to be enjoyed; never forget that.