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Dec 13, 2023

A Christmas Message From Sir George Cromwell

Posted by:
George Cromwell

Hear me, ye Immortals!

Another year hath slipped away from our grasp. With fingers numb, and minds dull, the clock mocks and time besieges us evermore!

It seems everything flies by us so fast now, as brave Knights fade to old and grey! One more year has been STOLEN!


The fire burns low, and our spirits droop. Ding Liren is World Champion, and everyone drones on about anal beads and chess cheating.

How long, I wonder, will Magnus wait for his crown?

Do you remember the days when we were young and fierce?

Who among you can claim to be real men, who played real chess?

Back when chess was pure, and clear to comprehend. We must go back and restore chess to its former glory! As the war for the soul of chess rages on, we must revive our passion and courage, for we must act SWIFTLY!

Talking about Swiftly...

I've been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift this year and she's really quite an incredible artist. She's all the rage in the middle-ages right now, have you listened to her?

I remember when we laughed and cried over the board!

Those were the days when chess was a passion, an art, a way of life. Now, chess is a business, a science, a war!

*Cries from the Crowd*

Computers have taken over the game, and humans are mere spectators. The beauty and creativity of chess have been lost in the endless stream of data and analysis.

The thrill and joy of chess have been replaced by the stress and pressure of ratings and results!

But for it be!!!!! But chess!!
The joy of which is what makes us Immortal!!!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, from Sir George Cromwell