New updates and improvements to Immortal Game.

November 09, 2022

UI Improvements:

  • Play screen sidebar redesign:
    • Players’ pings are now visible
    • Games are now smoother to replay
    • Game conditions are now visible
  • Immortal/Ageless deployment presets must now be created and saved in a dedicated screen and selected on game start. Players can also tag a preset as “default” to have it used automatically on game start.

Platform improvements:

  • Worked on reducing latency on all server-to-server and client-to-server connections.
  • Redesigned all the technical infrastructure to make it fully distributed worldwide.
    Upon game creation, all players now join the closest game server to optimize the latency. Servers then communicate with one another in an optimized way, to reduce latency as much as possible overall.
  • Redesigned the "Watch" section to limit its impact on the game servers.
  • Reworked the front-end chessboard components to improve fluidity and performance.