music meets chess.

Discover the collection between Polo & Pan and Immortal Game, inspired by the playful vibes of the two French electronic artists. Get whitelisted now to collect exclusive digital Chess Pieces.


As longtime fans of chess and gaming, we're excited to bring our music and aesthetic to this new digital medium. We can't wait for our community to see the unique digital assets that we created through this collaboration.

Paul & Alexandre
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Against your favorite artists on Immortal Game



To curated playlists and exclusive music content



Live concert & festivals with Polo & Pan


Collect exclusive digital pieces


Concert & festivals tickets
  • Each premium holder will be granted two tickets to attend a Polo & Pan concert or festival ticket for the 2023 or 2024 season.
  • The list of concerts & festivals will be communicated to the holders as of Q3 2023 and will be updated regularly.
Curated playlists
  • As part of the rewards for owning a Polo & Pan Immortals Piece, holders will have exclusive access to curated playlists created by Polo & Pan.
  • These playlists will be accessible on Spotify in the coming months and will be regularly updated with new music that inspires the artists when they’re having a game of Chess.


Custom in-game features, aesthetics and animations
  • Each holder of the collection will not only be able to play with its Pieces on Immortal Game, but will also have access to special in-game customization.
  • Players will be able to play Chess and select fun audio and visual animations, or play with a custom board.
Exclusive access to all Polo & Pan Tournaments
  • We will host tournaments on Immortal Game accessible for free and/or only for the holders of the P&P Immortal Game token.
  • Each tournament will have specific rules, formats and prizes that will be communicated in advance.

GET ON BOARDUnbox your pieces

Limited to 100 editions

Polo & Pan Polished


Your pass to the most exclusive Pieces of the collection. All perks of the Rough Box plus concerts/festival tickets, access to private tournaments, voting rights and more.

Limited to 400 editions

Polo & Pan Rough


The ideal entry-door to the collection for casual players. Play on Immortal Game while listening to Polo & Pan tracks, get access to Spotify playlists curated by your favorite artists and more.


Behind the collection


Inspired by the playful and full-of-colors world of Paul and Alexandre, this vibrant collection builds a bridge between Music and Chess, celebrating fun, positivity and joy. Let’s dance!


Each Piece has been designed as the figurative representation of music items and symbols making a dramatic entrance into the chessboard. Will you recognize them all?

Want to learn more about the collection?


Founded in 2022, Immortal Game is a Gaming startup building a Chess game and brand for +1Bn players out there.
Supported by +50 world-class ambassadors, Immortal Game’s mission is to make chess more accessible and fun for the next-generation of fans.


Composed by longstanding . friends Paul and Alexandre, Polo&Pan is a French electronic music duo that has been around since 2013.
Inspired by tropical sounds, their house-electronic music sparkles joy and positivity all around the world. Bring on the summer vibes!



Who is the team behind Immortal Game?

Founded in 2021, Immortal Game is a French startup composed of 35 passionate talents working across tech, product, design, marketing, and social media to build the future of Chess. Immortal Game is backed by world-class consumer and tech investors (including TCG, Greenfield, Cassius, Kevin Durant, and Gerard Piqué) and supported by 50 brand ambassadors.

How do I access the mint?

The initial sale of the collection will take place on May 19th, 2023. You will need to be on the whitelist to get notified and buy an item from the P&P Immortals collection during this private sale. To get whitelisted, you have to signup directly through the collection web page.
A limited number of Immortal Game’s most engaged players will have the opportunity to access the mint in advance.
Those who were unable to register on the whitelist in time will be able to participate in the Last Chance Sale (subject to remaining pieces).

How to top-up my wallet?

To purchase an asset on Immortal Game, you need $ETH on your Immortal Game account (hosted on Immutable X). 2 options are available for this:
- you can either deposit $ETH on your Immortal Game account by sending it from Ethereum to Immutable X using your Metamask account if you have $ETH in it
- you can buy $ETH with fiat currencies on Moonpay (directly sent on your Immortal Game account)
A detailed explanation is available here.

What is the total supply and prices?

The total supply will be 500 Mystery Boxes, with two kinds of boxes available
  • - 400 Standard (Rough) Mystery Boxes, sold at $39
  • - 100 Premium (Polished) Mystery Boxes, sold at $399
Each box contains only 1 Polo&Pan Immortals.

When is the mint?

The mint will take place on May 19th, 2023.
The mint is divided into two sales.
The first sale, "Whitelist Sale," is reserved for whitelisted users who have signed up through the collection webpage from May 12th to May 19th. If and only if the 500 NFTs have not been minted yet, then a second "Last Chance Sale" will be opened to the public.

What happens once I’ve bought my P&P Immortals Mystery Box?

All people who have successfully minted a P&P Mystery Box (either during the private or public sale) can open their box and discover their own P&P Immortal. They can then play on Immortal Game with that piece or trade/sell on the marketplace.

What can I do with the P&P Immortals?

Each owner of the P&P Immortals collection will have the opportunity to access a variety of rewards, including private online tournaments, exclusive access to playlists curated by Polo&Pan, concert and festival tickets and merch.

On which blockchain is Immortal Game built?

Immortal Game is built on the Ethereum network. You can read this article if you have more questions about Immortal Game.

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