The Ageless Leaderboard

The Ageless Leaderboard is also known as the AP Leaderboard. It stands for Ageless Points Leaderboard, and you only need to claim your first free ageless pawn to participate in it.

The rewards are low compared to the IP Leaderboard, as it is free to access, but they always include hundreds of thousands of $CMT tokens and a selection of Immortal NFTs, allowing the top-ranked players to participate in the IP Leaderboard.

This Leaderboard can currently be played in the following time controls:

  • Blitz (5+0)
  • Bullet (1+0)

    The endgame pop-up is currently not accurate for Bullet mode, as it counts the points normally gained in 5+0, whereas Bullet mode only awards 30% of the points you would normally earn in 5+0.
    This is a UI issue that will be fixed shortly