What are Guilds?

Guilds are associations of Immortal Game players.
Their main purpose is to let players lend each other Immortal NFT pieces (called "delegated pieces") to rank up on the IP Leaderboard without having to buy their own set of Immortals. Rewards earned by playing with delegated pieces are usually split among Guild members.

How do I join a Guild?

Just hop into our Discord server and ask around!
Guild leaders and officers are always on the lookout for new members so you can be sure you'll be contacted by one of them.

How do delegated pieces work?

As soon as join a Guild, any Guild leader or officer will be able to delegate pieces to you. These pieces will appear in your inventory, tagged as "delegated".
You will be able to play with these pieces and will earn points as if they were yours. At the end of a Leaderboard week, tournament or event, the rewards will be distributed to your guild, which will then give you back your share.

How are the rewards shared among Guild members?

The way rewards are shared between Guild members varies from Guild to Guild. Just ask any Guild leader or officer what's the split when petitioning to join!