How do I earn with Immortal Game?

Just rank on the Leaderboards or participate in our Arenas!

Immortal Game is Free-to-Play and Play-and-Earn, and every week we will be offering a rich prize pool of $CMT tokens, Immortal NFT pieces, and cryptocurrency on the Standard, IP, and AP Leaderboards. You can see the prize pool for every weekly Leaderboard right above the current standings.

There are also regular Tournaments and Arenas you can participate in, pitting yourself against players from all over the world. Some of those tournaments are themed, meaning you will need to field a particular family of Immortals, some of them are free for everyone, but ALL of them offer awesome rewards!

In the future, we'll implement many more ways to earn crypto with Immortal Game.

For example, daily and weekly challenges, coaching players in the Academy or even attending courses, puzzle challenges, implementing Play-and-Earn in Classic Mode, and adding even more game modes!

Do I need to buy NFTs or spend money to earn in Immortal Game?

Although the IP Leaderboard can only be accessed by playing with Immortal NFT pieces, you do not need to spend money to get some. Every week, there are several Immortal NFT pieces up for grabs on the AP Leaderboard, on which you can rank by playing with free Ageless pieces.
You can also join a Guild and play with "delegated pieces", Immortal NFTs that the Guild can lend its members to help them rank on the Leaderboard.

When are the rewards distributed?

One week after the end of a Leaderboard week.

We would have liked to distribute them immediately once the weekends, but we preferred to buffer some time, in order to have a healthy round of cheat detection in order to make sure all prizes are assigned fairly.

How do I claim my rewards?

Just visit the Claim page to view all the reward you are eligible to redeem. Once all due checks have been performed, you will be able to withdraw your earnings and deposit them in your wallet of choice.