The Standard Leaderboard

In the Standard Leaderboard, you can play the classic game of chess, with no additional rules concerning quests or special pieces.
The Standard Leaderboard also offers rewards, which we explain more in-depth, along with the formulas used to define ranking, in this documentation page.

This Leaderboard can currently be played in the following time controls:

  • Rapid (10')
  • Blitz (5+0)
  • Blitz (3')
  • Bullet (1+0)

    Points earned in every Leaderboard and Arena match are subject to multipliers defined by the specific time control used in said match.
    Multipliers apply as follows:
  • Bullet (1'): x0.3 multiplier
  • Blitz (5' and 3'): x1.0 multiplier
  • Rapid (10'): x 1.5 multiplier