Purchasing and selling Immortals

How to buy an Immortal on the marketplace

First, you need $ETH to buy an Immortal Game asset. You can either buy $ETH with fiat currencies on Moonpay and use it to buy your asset or use your Metamask account if you have $ETH in it.
Then, go to the “marketplace” section. You can place a bid on an Immortal by clicking on “Place a bid” and choosing the price you want to pay. Then you will have to wait for the auction to end. If nobody bids higher, you will get the Immortal and be able to add it to your team.

How to sell an Immortal on the marketplace

  1. Go to your "Inventory"
  2. Choose the Immortal you wish to trade and click on "Sell an Immortal"
  3. Click "List".

Our Secondary Market: Immutable X

Immutable X is the first layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs on Ethereum, with instant trade confirmation, massive scalability, and zero gas fees -- without compromising user custody.

You can buy and sell your NFTs on Immutable X, as the secondary market of our NFT collection is located on this platform.

IMPORTANT: The following links direct you to our authorized secondary markets. Marketplace services offering Immortal NFTs outside those platforms are most probably scams and you should not engage with any transaction in markets that are not the ones listed below:

On the secondary market there is no bidding or listing auctions, you directly buy your Immortals from other users.

You can sort assets listed on our primary and secondary markets by using three marketplace filters:

  • Auction = primary market
  • Direct sale = secondary market -> you see pieces put for sale by other users.
  • All = auction + direct sale