About Nemo

What do you like to do besides chess?

Everything, I love adrenaline sports; kickboxing and scuba diving are probably my favorite activities at the moment. Playing poker and video games is also a lot of fun. Huge fan of wine and food. I love various kinds of food, I used to eat a lot of sushi, and now I tend to eat a lot of Chinese food.

Do you play Go?

I can, just very poorly

Are you coming to Croatia?

HOPEFULLY! I’ve always loved Dubrovnik. It actually combines many advantages: the sea, stunning architecture, history, and culture, including the Old Town that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, amazing landscapes, tasty seafood… Is anyone up to organizing a chess event there?

Your favorite singer/band?

BIGBANG, a South Korean boy band that is actually considered the “Kings of K-pop”. They are really good at experimenting with new forms and genres, it is impressive how they are able to blend pop with rap, hip-hop, R&B, and electronic music. Anyone
Guess what is my favorite song by them?

How are you so beautiful?

Genetics (and good skincare) and playing chess may help!

Pineapple on pizza, yar or nay?

Pineapple on pizza is amazing! That’s the Queen of pizza!

Are you into cars?

Yes, I love cars and watching Formula 1. My dream car for a long time has been the 787 Ferrari and my goal is to go to the Monaco Grand Prix next year. Would love to see a chess-piece-shaped car that goes as fast as a blitz tournament!

Will you ever do a meet & greet?

Yes!! Stay tuned on IGE :)

Are you single?

Is your mom asking?

Do you miss Toronto?

Yes! If anyone passes by or lives in Toronto, I’ll be glad to see pictures from there :D Feel free to add some chess piece in the landscape! @chessinToronto

Do you have any advice for someone who would like to start streaming

Streaming is tough. Be ready to dedicate 12+ hours a day to doing streaming, YouTube, growing socials/content if you want to make it.

I live in Maui and have a giant chess set on my deck! Would you like to play sometime?

Yes! Always wanted to visit Hawaii. And eat Hawaiian pizza there!! Even though Hawaiian pizza actually originated in Canada…

What’s your favorite anime?

I don’t like anime nearly as much as I like reading manga, my favorite manga is Berserk. It’s actually pretty dark, but I really love it. It revolves around Guts, who is at first a solitary mercenary warrior, well determined to be the sole master of his destiny. He needs to go through so many struggles, it addresses a lot of deep themes.

Are you going to be in Florida anytime soon?

Maybe for Harry Potter World. What are your must-go attractions there? And actually which house would you think I belong to, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?! #immortalPotter

When are you coming to India?

Hopefully soon! Any places to play chess to recommend? I’ve heard India is known for its beautiful handcrafted pieces, could you send me some pictures please? I actually used to collect chess sets, I always love to see beautiful objects #designximmortal.game

What do you study at university? Have you completed your graduation?

I was doing a double major in economics and mathematics with a minor in statistics at the University of Toronto until I took a “gap year” in 2022 to move to LA to focus on streaming.

What brand is your kitchen sink?

Not sure. Do you think of any kitchen sink that would make a difference?

What’s the kind of guy you feel attracted to?

Don’t think I have a specific type.

Will you come to Australia?

Yes! I love scuba diving. I want to dive the Great Barrier reef before it closes… Great Barrier Reef has lost half of its corals since 1995 due to the seas warming because of climate change.

Would you rather have a regular foot and a huge foot or a regular hand and a huge hand?

A regular foot and a huge foot

Have you ever taken a bad picture?

Yes, all the time. You should see my camera roll!

How much does a polar bear weigh?

On an average, as much as the average polar bear.

What’s your favorite kind of dumpling?

I love guo tie, aka "pot stickers"

Who would be up for a chess dumpling tournament? #Dumpling chess

What’s your favorite skin in League of Legends?

Divine Sword Irelia

What do you eat to keep this perfect shape?

I have a very normal diet minus the fact I intermittently fast everyday. Completely unintentionally.

Are you going to visit Pakistan?

Hopefully, one day! I always wanted to visit Karachi. My roommate for three years and best friend is from there!

Why do you always ban Kc?

I’m not even sure what Kc stands for. #WhoisKc?

Is streaming your primary source of income?

Yep! Maybe it could become immortal.game as it’s a play-to-earn chess platform..

When did you start modeling?

I started in 2018.

Did you get your eyes from mom or dad?

Eyes from my dad and the vision of my mum

Will you come to France sometime?

Yes, very soon! Stay in touch on immortal.game!