Nemo & Chess

What is your favorite opening to play against e5?

Spanish/Ruy Lopez without hesitation. One of the most popular openings, I guess, I'll never get tired of it :) The opening was named after Ruy López de Segura, a Spanish chess player from the 16th century who wrote a book on openings. Still, it hasn’t aged a day.

How long do you spend studying chess?

I have been studying chess for a long time, but now I don’t study chess anymore :). Actually, it’s been more than 4 years that I haven't studied. Nowadays, I play chess for fun! The only time I get my chess books out is for tournaments!

What do you do to improve at chess?

I’m not sure what I would do to improve at chess, but you should work on your openings and tactics and watch the games on!

What’s your favorite opening?

Spanish/Ruy Lopez

What makes Immortal Game Web3?

Part of Immortal Game code is based on Solidity. With individual chess pieces being purchasable on Immortal Game, NFTs are utilized.

How did you come up with the idea for Bounty Chess?

Poker mostly. Bounty tournaments are a fan favorite in poker, where if you knock someone out you win a bounty, but you don’t know how much you win. So with my coach, we were searching for variants that would bring fun to chess, and we came up with the Bounty Chess. Providing chess with innovation and creativity is quite important to us to make it more unexpected, and more lively.

What is your favorite opening to play against e4?

Spanish/Ruy Lopez

Hansen or Hikaru?

If I have to place odds on a chess match, Hikaru. Both of them are actually Twitch streamers as well. You can actually check their matches online… bets are off!

Are you into crypto?


What player(s) inspired you the most?

Hou Yifan, who is also part of the network, she’s a Chinese chess grandmaster who rocks it all! She started playing chess at five and was four times the Women’s World Chess Champion.

Challenge: 10,000 visits on this page, and we organize a chess game with Hou Yifan? Share it now!

Why do you like to play chess?

Slow people, so I can flag them

Who would you fight in a Chessboxing match?

Anyone my weight, lol! We love to do a ChessKickboxing! Is anyone up for a fight?

How do you play vs. King’s Indian defense?

I don’t. I just don’t.

Best chess book you can recommend?

Jeremy Silman’s Endgame book is great. Also, How to Reassess Your Chess by Silman as well. Among other techniques, he advocates playing according to “imbalances”, also called the differences, that is to say the features of a position that don't necessarily favor one side or the other but offer insight into potential moves and plans.

What’s your highest ELO on blitz?

Try to guess.. The two first digits are the square of 5, the third one can sometimes get lonely and the fourth one looks like an egg.

How can I become a GM?

You’re asking the wrong person. But I’m sure practice will help! And let us know if you find some tips #GMpower!

Best way to get better at chess if you’re stuck at 800/900 ELO?

Do your daily puzzles and study some basic safe openings. If you never blunder you can’t lose, so really just work on not making blunders and losing pieces. And, of course, train hard on and achieve as many quests as possible.

What’s your favorite GM to watch play chess?

Anyone who’s dynamic and tactical. Been really enjoying watching Fabiano Caruana’s games in the PCL recently. He became a chess grandmaster at only 14, he is 30 today. His playing style used to be very aggressive, and focused on attacking, though now he tends to maneuver and defend more than before.

Who is your favorite chess player of the current generation?

Norwegian chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, born in 1990. We played foot and poker together but still not chess! What do you think about inviting Magnus to play Bounty Chess with me? Help me do a Twitter swat #MagnusthenextbountyChessKing

e4 or d4?

e4 but when I get bored I play d4.

Thoughts on the Scandi?

Not a fan of it as either color lol. This chess opening starts with the moves e4 d5 and dates back to the 15th century. This opening actually comes from a poem that was written and conceived as a chess game which stands as an allegory for love.

Can you play chess blindfolded?

Yes! There’s a video of this somewhere. What about you guys? Send your experience and scores afterwards! #blindfoldedchallenge

What’s the most beautiful chess set you’ve ever seen?

I found a globe chess set and it looks really cool

Will we find new types of chess variations in Bounty Chess?

Probably! I love playing my “safe openings”

Ever thought about quitting chess?

Yes, many times. I’ve been yearning for a renewed chess, more vibrant, full of life and challenges and I’m really thrilled now because this is exactly what we are building with

When will you be back to OTB classical tournaments? Will you be attending any events this year?

No plans to return to OTB classical tournaments at this time. I will be playing in the WSOP this summer

Ding, Nepo or Duda?

Ding. Always Ding.

What do you think about YouTube as an alternative to books for chess students?

Good for you if you have the attention span to watch YouTube. With, we are developing a learning academy where learning chess will be amazing!

How could I win at chess against Hikaru?

Be better at chess than Hikaru.

How did you become a WGM?

Won 3 norms, and got the rating.