Standard Tournament

Tournament Rules

  • Everyone can participate.
  • Standard rules - no Immortals, no Ageless
  • Duration: 1h30’ for Bullet tournaments (1’), and 3 hours for Blitz and Rapid tournaments (3+2’, 3’, 5’, 10’)
  • Max games: 20 for Bullet tournaments, 15 for Blitz tournaments (3’, 3+2’ and 5’), 8 for Rapid tournaments (10’).
  • Ranking: your total points depends on your number of wins, draws and Elo’s of your opponents. You can get all the necessary information here.


  • The top 50 will split a prize pool of 0.01 ETH , and all participants will split a prize pool of 25.000 CMT, distributed according to performance.
  • Multipliers do apply (if you possess Immortals) - all details here.
  • Top 8 of each tournament will get rough Immortals.
    • Immortals are in-game NFTs from Immortal Game that allow player to win additional point by completing quests such as “being the first to take a piece” or “prevent castling”.
    • Rough is the entry-level rarity of the NFT. You can also find polished, piece of art and masterpiece rarity NFTs, available on Immortal Game marketplace.