Code of Conduct

In order to establish clear guidelines on playing Immortal Game, here is a set of rules and regulations regarding the gameplay and account ownership.

• Using a chess engine to play any games. This includes Stockfish, Komodo, Igel, Tubichess, Houdini and all types of assistance, human and robotic.
• Win trading. This refers to purposely losing against another account in order to win more rewards.


• Cancelling games intentionally
• Too many games with less than 15 moves
• Losing games on purpose to lower your ELO to win against lower ranked players
• Only playing white or only black

This is prohibited to regulate the abuse on the unlimited number of games and grinding 24/7.

• Shadowbanning and banning accounts
• In cases of receiving what you believe is an unfair decision, you can notify us here.
• Your Immortals and Mystery Boxes are unaffected by the freezing of accounts. You still have them on your Immutable account.

It is our utmost priority to ensure that the gameplay and game economy will not be abused. While the results might not be instant, all of you have our deepest gratitude for your vigilance, reports and suggestions.
The team is constantly strengthening current measures and continues to develop more to ensure Immortal Game will be enjoyable and fair to everyone.