Important Update From Immortal Game


Dear Immortals,

We have an important update to share with you today, and we want to communicate it to you in the most honest way possible. After careful deliberation, we have decided to stop development on play-&-earn and NFT collectibles related features on Immortal Game.

Our heart lies in chess. We're intensifying our efforts to make Immortal Game a top online chess hub, focusing on innovative features that enhance your playing experience. While we'll still explore web3 and decentralized technologies, particularly for anti-cheat measures and community engagement, our primary drive is to advance our chess platform, ensuring a fair and enjoyable environment for all players.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your support and involvement in our play-to-earn journey, especially to those who are new to the chess community and have recently started playing chess. We decided to explore play-to-earn with the objective of giving back to the community that we love so dearly. Together we have truly done something special. Not only by giving back countless rewards to the online chess community, but also by giving a real opportunity for people to earn an income through chess for the first time. This achievement of making a positive impact on the chess world is something we hold dear and are grateful to have experienced with you, and we hope you feel the same.

On the other hand, we also encountered many challenges and difficulties along the way that have prompted us to reflect deeply on our path forward. We found that by offering large amounts of cash with no limit barrier to entry, we encouraged heavy cheating on the platform and degraded the user experience for our legitimate player base who want a fair and safe place to play chess online. We have listened carefully to these players and taken their feedback seriously. The unintended consequence of offering money to players has increased the unfair practices, and we have decided that we cannot stand by and let this cheating happen any longer.

So with this in mind, we have decided to pivot our focus back to the core of what makes Immortal Game special – our passion for chess. We believe this refocus will allow us to provide a more secure and enjoyable experience for all our players, ensuring the long-term sustainability and integrity of our platform.

We understand that this shift might be unexpected to our play-to-earn community, and we respect any decision you make regarding your support of our platform. We sincerely hope, though, that you will stay with us as we embark on this renewed mission to make Immortal Game the premier destination for playing chess online.

Here are some key updates that will be implemented by December 11th, 2023:

  • Your NFTs and CMTs will remain on the blockchain. NFTs will be usable on Immortal Game in Immortal mode. However, we will no longer support CMT, and it will only be accessible via
  • The marketplace on our platform will be discontinued. All future transactions will be directed through
  • Your ETH and CMT balances will no longer be displayed on our platform, but your wallets will retain these tokens. For those using a custodial wallet, you'll need to connect a personal wallet to transfer your assets.
  • We're streamlining our features, which includes removing listings, play-and-earn development, references to CMT and ETH on our website, daily missions with CMT rewards, and crypto rewards in our referral and tournament systems. Future tournaments may involve fiat currency rewards.
  • We're merging the Immortal and Ageless modes into a single, more streamlined Immortal mode. This will simplify gameplay and make your experience more fun.

Our aim is to offer the most advanced and enjoyable chess experience online. A place where you can challenge yourself, improve your skills, explore new possibilities, and connect with other chess lovers. Our vision is to make chess more accessible, engaging, and fun for everyone. We are not afraid of competition, we embrace it. We are confident in our mission, and we are excited about this new chapter and hope you will stay on this journey.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding this update, please feel free to reach out to us. Your input is invaluable as we move forward together.

Warm regards,

The Management Team at Immortal Game