Knockout Tournament

A knockout tournament is a type of tournament where participants meet in 1 vs 1 matches.

Each match consists of multiple games between the same players. The first player to reach 3 points or more, with at least one point advantage, wins the match. The winners of each match advance to the next round, while the losers are eliminated from the tournament. This process continues until only two participants remain, who then face each other in the final. The winner of the final is declared the winner of the tournament.

The initial tournament bracket placement algorithm can be a random function or based on a seeding system. Most often on Immortal Game, a seeding system based on the rating of participants on the platform determined the pairings.

Registration (required):

  • Players must register to the tournament before the beginning of the tournament, or
  • Players must be whitelisted by the Tournament host. Sometimes because they qualified for this tournament playing a previous tournament.

Scoring system:

  • Loss: +0 point
  • Draw: +0.5 point
  • Win: +1 point

Special cases:

  • You are connected and your opponent is not, you win the game.
  • You are not connected, you lose the game.

Please note that technical problems, like connection issues, will not be grounds for contesting the course content or the outcome of a game.