Immortal Game will offer many recurring tournaments in which players can compete. Each tournament will have a specific configuration:

  • Format
  • Time Mode
  • Duration
  • Theme and access conditions
  • Rewards


We will propose different types of tournaments all along the year:

  • Arena: Players are paired non-stop during the duration of the arena. Pairings try to respect your ratings as much as possible
  • Swiss-system: Fixed number of rounds, you are paired with someone having the closest running score at the time
  • Round Robin: all-play-all style (suitable for very exclusive tournaments with few spots)
  • Coliseum : Purchase your ticket to be King of the Coliseum. You must attempt to attain 12 victories with the right to 3 losses.The higher you win, the larger the rewards. (numbers are subject to change)

Time Mode

We will propose many different time modes for our tournaments, such as:

Bullet: 1+0, 2+1

Blitz: 3+0, 3+2, 5+0, 5+3

Rapid: 10+0, 10+5, 15+10

Classical: 30+0, 30+20


Tournaments will have a variable duration, both based on the Format and Time mode. You can expect to have very short Bullet or Blitz Arenas (~1h for instance) or tournaments over days for a Classical Swiss-system tournament for instance.

Theme and access conditions

Each tournament will have a dedicated theme which will be linked to specific Immortals for access conditions, meaning that every player owning a specific Immortal linked to the tournament will be able to participate for free. Other players will have to burn $CMT to participate to the tournament.

Here is a glance at some of the themes that will be available:


  • Polished Tournament: using a Polished Immortal gives you free entrance to this tournament
  • Piece Of Art Tournament: using a Piece Of Art Immortal gives you free entrance to this tournament
  • Masterpiece Tournament: using a Masterpiece Immortal gives you free entrance to this tournament


  • King Tournament: using a King Immortal gives you free entrance to this tournament
  • etc.


  • Marble Tournament: using a Marble Immortal gives you free entrance to this tournament
  • etc.



Each tournament will offer a reward pool depending on its exclusivity.

Some of the rewards include:

  • Immortals
  • $CMT tokens
  • Temporary In-game boosts